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Can You Prove Yourself?

  I don’t like being hated. I mean, that’s probably a human universal, right? No one wants to feel like a target. One of the words that I hear bandied about often as a middle school teacher is “bullied.” Students and parents both know that it is the modern-day equivalent of screaming “fire” in a…
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In the Middle: Rainbows and Fences

Rainbows are incredible, you know? They are this amazing thing that combines water and sunlight to create the perfect, ultimate spectrum of color. If you ever just sit and look at one, you’ll see that there are the simple colors (red, purple, yellow), but also infinite gradations of colors within colors. It’s no wonder God…
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Sunday Struggles

I don’t usually write on Sundays.  It is my day off, you know?  It’s the day that I set aside to worship God in the best way I know how:  watching Disney movies and eating ice cream. Today is different, though.  Some of you know this, but I recently had a birthday.  Yes, now I…
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