It’s been a hot minute since I wrote on the blog. Honestly? It’s been a hot minute since I wrote at all. Still, I wanted to let you in on what my life is like today, so that you could feel a little bit better about everything going on in your life.

I’m on day 45 of sending out books for Weird Little Worlds Press. You may or may not know that WLW is my side gig. I hesitate to say “side hustle,” mostly because it has not (as of yet) made me any money. Regardless, we have made some pretty cool books including my own, Leto’s Children. It’s a nice thing to have a company that makes things. Especially if the things are really awesome. So far, our books have been nominated for awards, gone viral, and just have a lot of really great reviews.

But that doesn’t stop me from building a growing mound of things TO DO that I never seem to reach the end of.

I have boxes and boxes. Stacks of books and posters and papers and collector’s cards. I have people who want to help me and who give great advice. And yet, I am constantly drowning in all the things I have to do and the commitments I have made to people I don’t even know. On the outside, I’m not sure what it looks like, but on the inside? A lava-hot mess.

What is the thing that keeps me going? Why do I keep doing the business even though it has yet to make me any money? I have this crazy idea that Jesus is into it.

Now, why would Jesus care about a little press like mine? Why would He care at all about books that are spooky and whether or not I get the right fonts in the right order for any of the books that I’m printing?

I literally don’t know. Except that, once, on my mission, I had a companion share a spiritual thought with me. She said, “If it matters to Him, it should matter to you. And if it matters to you, it matters to Him.”

So, I know that I’m not saving babies, here. I’m not curing cancer (that I know of, at least). But this little press might be able to do some good. Maybe it will be the means of an unknown writer to get their first break. Maybe it will be the place where a story is born that inspires a new artist, new actress, new author. Maybe it will be the press that makes someone say, “I can do that, but better.” I literally don’t know. But I’m glad that it’s important to Jesus. Because it means that all the hard work, tears, and effort must be doing someone some good, somewhere. And if for no one else, it has been a place for me to learn lessons that I couldn’t learn anywhere else.

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