101 Upcoming Writers You Should Be Following on Twitter – Day 6

101 Upcoming Writers You Should Be Following on Twitter – Day 6

Toby Keith has a great song that goes something like this:

Basically, talking about you all the time is fine, but I just want to talk about me.


The reason why a blog is not as cool as Twitter is that I really DON’T want to talk about me all the time. I’m boring. I’m not very cool. And, I know the punchlines to all of my jokes. It’s really hard to get a good laugh out of myself. I would much rather talk about you.

But…now that I’m Twitter-free, I don’t have anyone to talk about. I have attempted to build a Facebook world that is similar to my Twitter world, but it is totally ridiculous. On the other hand, I have managed to have several South Africans ask me for personal loans and been contacted by old would-be boyfriends about whether I’m “really” married. Ugh.

So, I want to talk about the people on Twitter who are amazing. I’ll try to get everyone on the list, but I can’t guarantee I won’t miss someone. I might do another list like this so if you want to get onto it you can use famoid.com twitter to boost your presence. But for now, these are all my FAVORITE people – the people I really love to follow. They are there, they are real, and I even know some of their addresses (not, like, in a really psycho way…but kind of like in a “you’re a nice kind of psycho” way). Anyway, I love helping bolster people’s followers, especially those who I really admire and respect. If you’re looking to get more followers on social media, perhaps on platforms like Instagram, you may want to use a growth service like nitreo or another alternative to jarvee in order to organically build an impressive audience for all your future online content.

100 Upcoming #Writers on Twitter That You Must Follow If You Want to Survive the Apocalypse

1. @nstelter

2. @amicgood

3. @cedrixclarke

4. @takeofthetiek

5. @kieralianebruce

6. @crayonparlour

7. @wisd_e_ome_less

8. @drewchial

9. @willvanstonejr

10. @fredamoya

11. @evilpiratesheep

12. @jabe842

13. @CynthiaJSellers

14. @jazstory

15. @raishimi

16. @RedNightHawkAKS

17. @PinkkCyanide

18. @SiofraWrites

19. @lefunts3

20. @challengecketch

21. @nancycallaghan1

22. @Quirklet

23. @CarryOnAgainFan

24. @Solsikke

25. @gorgeous_jaan

26. @lafleurdeplume

27. @tha_PaperChaser

28. @hairy_yak

29. @LifeOfAWriter29

29. @RevellRoger

30. @stonequiet

31. @twotalkingdogs

32. @gabellbooks

33. @whithernow

34. @petrichorclouds

35. @scandy1029

36. @pronouncedsway

37. @inkpage

38. @edaxrerum

39. @zedzeddicus

40. @vickiaddesso

41. @tessmartinadams

42. @MikeVerbickas

43. @Nerudaearth

44. @crazyidealist

45. @UnhingedinTime

46. @marcgalez

47. @JupiterFleet

48. @HeatherWrites

49. @RMullenWriter

50. @calliearmstrong

51. @bobbibowwoman

52. @MelvilleZoe

53. @allyatherton

54. @JoshSpaceCole

55. @gabellbooks

56. @happyappalachy

57. @andy061182

58. @SarahBrentyn

59. @emmyshine

60. @niswoni

61. @ImMCarvalho

62. @Saboviec

63. @GSJennsen

64. @aabrasfield

65. @west1jess

66. @akmakansi

67. @JaneLightbourne

68. @TheGrahamMilne

69. @ELauraMaynard

70. @MarionChadwick

71. @Ceraunoscope

72. @wadealbertwhite

73. @Buchan_David_

74. @Beatonm5

75. @karmiccandy

76. @bcolditz

77. @Write2Fite

78. @DeliaDevry

79. @johnweeast

80. @scandy1029

81. @SusanJoy10

82. @Lindalovesnow

83. @Sonjawriter

84. @TalonWyrm

85. @LGwenn

86. @alanapaints

87. @feralferrell

88. @clivemoore869

89. @CairnRodrigues

90. @tayloreaton

91. @halfie_67

92. @CainSLatrani

93. @mcampbellnicely

94. @beth_deitchman

95. @alexalvar7

96. @VivetteHauser

97. @ChuckWendig

98. @HomemadeHalo

99. @AsaWhitman

100. @Reckoner67

101. @Mr_Loconeko

You Have Time for Just One More:

10 Responses

  1. […] and see if you have anything in common. Not having any luck being included on a list? Check out my 100 Tweeps to Follow. These people are incredible and a great place to start building real human […]

  2. Delia Devry says:

    Wow, Willow, I just found this. Thank you so much for the mention. Very kind of you.
    It would be nice to build a community on facebook like we have on twitter.
    I think it’s a grand idea. Be well, kind one. <3

    • willow says:

      OH, DELIA!! WHAT A SPLENDID IDEA!! See? I was so excited about that I actually used the word “splendid” in a sentence.

      I will find you on Facebook and will support this amazing new world of yours. You are brilliant and wonderful, and I will be your acolyte. A weird, sticky acolyte who can never find her keys.

  3. RedNightHawk says:

    This is so cool: I only have to kill 14 people to reach number one!

  4. I’m incredibly honored (and a little choked up) to be included on this list… I do hope that if you decide quitting twitter forever is the best decision for you in the long run, you still find a way to keep in touch with some of us…

    • willow says:

      Thank you so much! I’m hoping to get a handle on it enough to come back. But, this time, I’ll be less available mentally, emotionally, and virtually. 🙂

  5. Maria Carvalho says:

    Aw thanks Willow – I’m totally honored! REALLY miss ya on Twitter but respect that you did what you had to do!

  6. Jessica West says:

    So, I’m scrolling through this list because if Willow Becker recommends a writer to follow, I’ll likely follow them. I’m already following most of these writers, but imagine my surprise and utter delight to find my name on the list! Thanks bunches and bunches, Willow! x

    • willow says:

      LOL! You’re very welcome (and deserving, I might add). I had considered doing #SixWord synopses of each of you, but I thought that might be a leeetle on the obsessive side. But, here’s what yours would’ve been:

      Flash in the fiction, not pan.

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