Because – An Argument for Belief

Because I am a writer.

Because I want to make a difference.

Because I really care about people and the world.

Because my checking account is at $136.00

Because I have always loved telling stories.

Because I have already lived a thousand lives inside my own head.

Because I really can make a difference.

Because my daughter still kisses me at night.

Because she asks me to tell her one more story.

Because of campfires and conventions where I can bring the fire.

Because I have made mistakes and I want to teach what I know.

Because what I do for a living matters to me, to the deepest part of my soul.

Because I am different, just like you, and you, and you…

Because I have a voice and a tale that can only be told by me.

Because I have been inspired and found myself needing the universe’s attention.

Because I want to.

Because I wish I could.

Because it seems impossible, and I hate people telling me what to do.

Because my father is an actor.

Because my mother is chosen of God.

Because I can.

This is why I don’t give up on days like today, when I look at the empty page and scream out loud. This is why I write until my wrists ache and my eyes hurt. This is why I keep on keepin’ on, even though I am so far away from what I want to be that I feel lost at one end of the galaxy while my dreams lie on the other.

Because I believe.


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