The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pen: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

The best thing about social media is that you get to meet so many amazing and cool people! Case in point: from my limited (and harrowing) time on Twitter, I made friends with a plethora of interesting writers, each of them uniquely talented and inspiring.

One of these lovely people was the incredible Nillu Stelter, who has recently landed in the beautiful land of Switzerland Land. She is also a poetess, first-time novelist, and mom, and her work is verdant and lush. What’s even better is that she stayed my friend, even after I jumped the Twitter ship. And, just the other day, she nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, a chain award blog tour that began in 2011 and has even included a dude.

Sisterhood is in the heart of the beholder, isn’t it?

Anyhow, here are the rules as I found them:

  • Tell the amazing Nillu that she’s amazing, and then link to her coolio blog post. You should read it here. Lots of loves and chocolate in it.
  • Answer 10 questions she’s invented for me to answer, most of them truthfully.
  • Nominate 7 female bloggers and ask them my own ten questions.

Are you ready for some cra-mazing Willow action? Strap in, cause it’s about to get bumpy.

10 Things That Nillu Steltzer (and the Universe) Need to Know About Willow Becker

1. What was the first book you got lost in?

When I was 6 or 7, I found an old book in a set of drawers that was hidden out in our garage. The book, whose title I can’t remember for the life of me, was about witches. These were some of the most gruesome witch stories I can remember, and it was the beginning of a trend towards the darker things of life. The one that caught my imagination the most was about a bride who goes to a witch to make her dress, and the witch sews it using the bride’s blood for thread.

2. Which animal would you like to be and why?

I have always thought that if I couldn’t be a unicorn or a mermaid, I would like to be a peregrine falcon. They are the fastest animals on earth, getting up to 242 miles per hour when they go into a killing dive. It’s also super-smart, and can be trained to assisting in hunting (or sending messages, if you tire of texting). And, of course, it flies. Deadly, beautiful, fast, intelligent, and free. The peregrine falcon is me.

3. What and where is your favorite restaurant?

Sonic in Bogalusa, LA. It was here with one of my best friends that I realized that I might marry my husband. Also, the tator tots are super-good.

4. Where is your safe place?

In my mother’s arms. No matter how old I get, there is no safer place in the world than sitting on the ratty couch in Coos Bay, Oregon with my mother’s arms around me.

5. Describe a moment from your childhood which makes you smile.

I grew up in a little town called Irrigon, Oregon. And, when I say little, I mean microscopic. At the time, there were only 800 residents, and most of those were rattlesnakes. It was the kind of town where, when the circus came through, everyone was there. It was the kind of place where a 10-year-old could ride from one end to the other without a parent worrying where they were.

This town always means summer to me. There was a park down by the Columbia River, which was the lifeblood of our little village. I recall one 4th of July, after a day of eating pie, spitting watermelon seeds, and dancing. I laid down on that warm, green grass beneath the birch trees, listening to them whisper all the things that I didn’t know yet. The light in the sky faded, giving way to a velvet blackness, warm and full of sound. Children laughing. Parents murmuring softly. My small body, tired and freckled, sank into that field – the sweetest mattress ever invested by God himself.

And then, the dark filled with fireworks, so close and big they looked like I could pull one from the sky.

6. Which of your own creations has meant the most to you and why?

Such a big question! My greatest creation has been my daughter. She is amazing and wonderful and teaches me more about myself and life than anyone else I know.

7. If you could spend the day with anyone from history, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would choose to spend the day with my father’s mother’s dad – my Grandpa Burbank. I would make him tell me all his jokes and take me hunting and show me how to skin a bear. Also, I would let him tickle me and give me his secret for being happy for a whole lifetime.

8. Name a song which would get you on the dance floor or which you sing to life your mood.

This is another hard one. I have songs that make me feel strong, loved, excited. I have a different favorite song for every mood that can possibly be felt. But, the one that most often raises my spirits is “I am a Child of God.” I know, I know. It’s a really churchy choice, but remember that my second and third picks are “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

9. Which one book would you recommend to your friends and why?

I think every human should read C.S. Lewis’s “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” This is a book that has changed my perspective about God more than any other single fiction novel. Lewis understands the nature of God so well, and he is able to put it in words that almost anyone can understand. The whole concept of the atonement and what Christ has done for us is shared in a non-judgemental, non-dogmatic way. I hope that I get to meet Aslan some day.

10. Which three places in the world have you really enjoyed being?

I loved our first trip to Hawaii. There is no place on earth that is better-smelling, softer, or more gentle than those islands.

We lived in Colorado Springs for a little while and I just loved it. The gorgeous flash-storms in the summer, the amazing snowfall/snowmelt in the winter. Also, I thought that the people were kind and wonderful, and I had a lot of great learning experiences there.

Finally, the best place in the world is Oregon. I can’t even limit it to a town. From the Eastern desert plains to the cold, windy coast, the entire state is the Garden of Eden. If I am very lucky, someday I will return and dance in the rain once more.

Who’s Next?

Joanne Blaikie – A lovely UK writer who is currently in the process of publishing her first book.

Charlotte Ashlock – A professional editor with Berrett-Koehler Publishers, and a phenomenal idea-maker.

Ally Atherton – Shares book reviews, artistic interviews, and fiction on her personal blog. She’s also dope as hell.

Callie Armstrong – This is one of my favorite writers whom I’m also friends with on social media. Smart, kind, and wonderfully witty.

Kiera Bruce – Another card from my favorite UK deck, Kiera Kizzywiggle Bruce’s blog is all about how she is managing a house full of kids on the Autism spectrum and still remaining partially sane.

C.J. Sellers – My partner in horrible crimes, this lady has a way with words that will keep you up all night long…crying terrified under your covers.

Liesel Potter – An old, dear friend of mine who is a phenomenally talented artist. She is currently working on publishing her first children’s book and raising four amazing children.

The Questions:

Here are your questions, should you choose to accept them:

1. When and why did you decide that your art was important enough to pursue?

2. What’s the thing you regret most?

3. If you could have someone else’s body, brain, or talent, who would you choose and why?

4. Star Trek or Star Wars. Defend your position in 100 words or less.

5. What is your favorite artistic creation (by yourself or another) and why?

6. What is your favorite word and why?

7. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your writing or art?

8. What are you currently working on and why should we read it?

9. If you could make a wish (not for love, to bring back the dead, or more wishes – as per the Aladdin rules), what would you wish for?

10. What do you believe more than anything in the world?


Thanks for reading! Look forward to the answers from these amazing authoresses!


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  1. I forgot this was coming! My work is ‘lush and verdant’? Swoon. A bloke was nominated for this award?

    Great answers, especially your peregrine falcon one :). Your answers make me want to ask even more questions of you. Ace group of forward nominees x

    • Thanks. Yes, those are accurate descriptors of your writing. 🙂

      I’m so excited to see who responds first! Blogging is still one of the only ways I can really help network with all my old Twitter stomping buddies.

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