Twintervention: The Funeral – Day 1

What a lucky human I am! It has been nice to hear so many words of kindness and encouragement from people who I am sure are just shaking their heads at their computers.

It’s interesting, but it feels so much like a death, doesn’t it? You still know I exist. I still know you exist. And, yet, there are fond farewells and longing last looks. Is there really life after Twitter? What happens when you commit Twittercide? Are you eternally damned to Facebook? Are you forced to lurk Pinterest until your debt to the Twitter God is paid off?

I hope not.

Today was a hard day. I woke up sad. Sometimes, when I get really sad, my blood aches. That sounds really weird to you, probably, but it is exactly what happens. It usually means that I want something I can’t have, to the core of what I am. And yet, there my friends all were: giving me support, wishing me well, and helping me move to the Great Beyond of real-liveness.

And also, like I suppose death is, there was a weight off my shoulders. I read a book. I held a ginormous bullfrog. I pretended to be chased by zombies. I showed 40 people how to successfully seduce a 17-year-old girl and then get kicked in the groin.

You know. Normal stuff.

I also sat down with my husband and talked to him about a couple of other reasons why I quit Twitter. It’s a conversation I will share with you as well…but, maybe later. I’ve already cried enough for one day.

As for now, I will say that I made it through my first day. Just 29 to go.


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